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Want to know what A SNAKE-OIL MERCHANT is? Or AN OLD FUDDY-DUDDY? Would a TOP DOG ever JUMP A QUEUE? Are you wondering WHERE IDIOMS COME FROM? Click on Q&A (above). It's where you go to ask questions -- and get answers!

Fun with

    English Idioms *Proverbs
                                         *Chinese Idioms

One of the problems about learning English is that the sort of thing you find in textbooks or in class is usually "correct usage," whereas in real life you may think you know English -- but then you turn on your television set, read a newspaper or hear people talking and discover you only understand half of what's going on. The reason may be that you are reading and hearing idioms -- those colourful ways we have of expressing ourselves using words or groups of words that very often make no logical sense! The solution? Idioms have to be learned, one by one...and Idiom-Magic is the fun way to do it! ___________________________________

* Idioms

Makes learning English idioms as easy as ABC!Maybe even easy as pie?Either way, get theses books and in two ticks you will have the meanings of 512 idioms and 256 proverbs in the palms of your hands! It's a cinch!

* Slang

       &nbsp * Colloquialisms

"Wither have you banished those words which our forefathers used for these new-fangled ones?" Alexander Gill, 1619

Bilingual editions, English & Chinese. 200 pages each with sentences using the idioms in speech.
And they include self-examinations
for every idiom, term and expression explained in the books. Order here from the publisher.

Dalian, China -- a beautiful, progressive, and very modern coastal city with wide avenues, skyscrapers, green spaces, software parks, and a very modern university.

* Proverbs





* Chinese Idioms

The Chinese love idioms, but to them idioms are not just a play on words: they are the heart and soul of the language. FUN WITH CHINESE IDIOMS in six cleverly illustrated books sheds new light on these expressions, some of which are thousands of years old. Their unique layout here makes it easy for non-Chinese speakers to learn them, too!


Each book contains 120 Chinese Idioms, some of which are a thousand years old. Uniquely presented in Chinese with definitions in Chinese
and English. Every idiom includes their English