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Learning English idioms doesn't have to be a problem.These catagory idiom books show how learning can be easy - and fun! * Fun With Animal Idioms * Fun With Animal Related Idioms * The Colour Book Of Idioms * The Money Book Of Idioms * Fun With Words Of Love * Humour Without Frontiers
Educational Books
The FUN and EASY way to learn a very complicated aspect of the English language.
An entertaining and educational guide to many of the proverbs that have long enriched our language.

Idioms In Categories

In their cages and in the wild, from Albatross to Zebra, two wonderful books to bring out the animal within!

FUN WITH ANIMAL IDIOMS & FUN WITH ANIMAL RELATED IDIOMS from Marshall Cavendish Publications. Each book: 140 pages.

Bilingual editions, English & Chinese. 200 pages each with sentences using the idioms in speech.
And they include self-examinations
for every idiom, term and expression explained in the books. Order here from the publisher.



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