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Learning English idioms doesn't have to be a problem.These catagory idiom books show how learning can be easy - and fun! * Fun With Animal Idioms * Fun With Animal Related Idioms * The Colour Book Of Idioms * The Money Book Of Idioms * Fun With Words Of Love * Humour Without Frontiers
Educational Books
The FUN and EASY way to learn a very complicated aspect of the English language.
An entertaining and educational guide to many of the proverbs that have long enriched our language.

Idiom Of The Week

Wear Blinders / Blinkers
Blinders - also called blinkers - are flaps placed at the sides of the eyes of a horse to keep it from looking left or right. People are said to wear blinders - or blinkers - if they refuse to consider alternative ways of thinking or acting. Also, a person is said to wear blinkers if he or she won't accept the truth about something. "Sid's business is slumping because he wears blinkers. He still thinks there's a market for black and white television sets."
2014 John B. & Ching Yee Smithback

One of the problems about learning English is that the sort of thing you find in textbooks or in the classroom is usually "correct usage," whereas in real life you may think you know English -- but then you turn on television, read a newspaper or hear people talking and discover you only understand half of what's going on.

If something is the cat's pajamas, would that make you want to hurry out to paint the town red? Or if you are bored to tears and can't find your feet, is that because you're a glutton for punishment? These are idioms, and unless you know them they can make your head spin! Yet expressions like these are an essential part of our language, adding color, vibrancy and punch to the way we speak and write.

What is a proverb? It is a succinct phrase that, through the years, has been used to express a meaning or a shade of meaning. Through the use of lighthearted illustrations and quirky prose, the husband and wife team of John and Ching Yee Smithback demonstrate the proverbs that have developed in the English language over hundreds of years.

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